Hi Gwen,

I had to write, however briefly, to say thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Maud’s house that you gave to my husband and I this morning. I shall remember this forever and will now be able to read Maud’s diary of her days living in the Manse at Leaskdale with even more understanding and feeling. She was such a special lady and I wish I could have known her personally because I like to think we would have been friends. But I think the work that you and the others are doing is truly wonderful as all of your efforts keep her alive in a certain way. The work you have done on her home in Leaskdale is incredible ! The way in which you have paid attention to the smallest details to make a visitor, such as myself, feel as though we have really taken a step back in time and entered Maud’s world. Thank you so much for making my dream come true !

Regards,  Kathleen.

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