“Friday morning we started out in the forenoon for a day’s visiting at Zephyr.  It was intensely cold with a bitter penetrating wind blowing from the northwest, right in our teeth.  I never drove out on a worse day.  But I was not cold myself.  I had put on sweaters and coats and furs until I was a shapeless mass and I had a sizzling hot brick at my feet which kept me warm.  So I buried my nose in my collar and forgot the outside world in a series of reflections upon this astounding new discovery of the nature of light made by Einstein which is going to utterly revolutionize most of the beliefs held by scientists for two hundred years.”

I guess I’ve been handling this cold “thing” all wrong!


Excerpt taken from The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume II, Edited by Mary Rubio & Elizabeth Waterston, Oxford University Press

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~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

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