Happy Canada 150 to all! Since our site also celebrates Lucy Maud Montgomery, here are a few sesquicentennial Montgomery mentions:

CBC Millennium Poll
On New Year’s Eve 1999, CBC viewers were invited to submit their votes in six online surveys to determine the top Canadians and events of the twentieth century. L. M. Montgomery was voted the most influential Canadian writer in the Great Canadian Writers Poll, receiving almost a quarter of the 22,554 votes cast.

Top 5 Great Canadian Writers:
1. Lucy Maud Montgomery
 2. Farley Mowat
 3. Margaret Laurence
 4. Marshall McLuhan
 5. Margaret Atwood

Maclean’s Canadians Who Inspired the World
In 2000, L. M. Montgomery was chosen by Maclean’s magazine as one of twenty-five Canadians who inspired the world. The honour list was compiled by historians J. J. Granatstein and Norman Hillmer and based on suggestions by readers who were invited to name notable Canadians who have affected “the way the world lives or plays, works or thinks.” Montgomery was chosen because she is the creator of Anne Shirley, whose optimism has inspired people worldwide and has helped them overcome repression. The first four Canadians who inspired the world are Sir William Osler, Marshall McLuhan, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Sir Frederick Banting.

Have a safe, STRONG, AND FREE Canada 150 weekend!

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