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Monday, March 11 to Saturday, March 16 our site will be open between the hours of 12:00 and 4:00 pm. Tours of the site are available for young and old. We hope to see you there!



Frosty-white and cold it lies
Underneath the fretful skies
Snowflakes flutter where the red
Banners of the poppies spread,
And the drifts are wide and deep
Where the lilies fell asleep.
But the sunsets o’er it throw
Flame-like splendor, lucent glow,
And the moonshine makes it gleam
Like a wonderland of dream,
And the sharp winds all the day
Pipe and whistle shrilly gay.
Safe beneath the snowdrifts lie
Rainbow buds of by-and-by;
In the long, sweet days of spring
Music of bluebells shall ring,
And its faintly golden cup
Many a primrose will hold up.
Though the winds are keen and chill
Roses’ hearts are beating still,
And the garden tranquility
Dreams of happy hours to be-
In the summer days of blue
All its dreamings will come true.

L.M. Montgomery





Jennifer O’Connell, Member of Parliament for Pickering-Uxbridge, joins contractor Steven Bruce, LMMSO Director Carole Ditomasso and Uxbridge Mayor Pat Molloy in the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the new accessibility elevator at the Historic Leaskdale Church







Now that we are officially closed for the season, we would still like our patrons to know that a tour and tea can still be arranged by simply contacting us. Pictured here, are Mariko Tamura and her daughter Ayako, who did just that and contacted Melanie & Gwen for their private tour and tea with their friend, Yuka Kajihara. Yuka is a long-time patron of the LMMSO and has brought many of her Japanese friends and their tour companies to our site. As you can see from the photos, hosting our Japanese friends was a joy to behold!






Another summer season of our famous luncheon teas is behind us and we are now readying for our Maud’s Island Dinner & Down-home Kitchen Party on the final Wednesday of the month (Aug. 29). There are still tickets available if you’re thinking of attending. The entertaining duo of Alana and Leigh Cline are sure to get your foots-a-stomping!

We would like to thank you all for attending our Summer Luncheon Teas, as it is our major fundraiser of the season and we see many of the same smiling, friendly faces each week. Your overwhelming support does not go unnoticed! Thank you also to our sensational students, Chris and Corey, for their months of dedication and their on-going research to better our site. Best of Luck, you two!




Lucy Maud Montgomery spent 9 years of her life in Norval together with her husband – the reverend at the local church – after her departure from Leaskdale. She was very active in Norval’s social life, taught at the Sunday School, and was a member of the Norval Choral Society and Norval Women’s Institute. She directed and appeared in plays at St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the parish hall.

While in Norval, she published: The Blue Castle, Emily’s Quest, Magic for Marigold, A Tangled Web, Pat of Silver Bush, Mistress Pat, and Courageous Women (by L.M. Montgomery with Marian Keith and M.B. McKinley)

On August 1, Kathy Gastle, a driving force to purchase the manse in the place where the Macdonald’s moved after Leaskdale, will share her insights on the Montgomery connection to this picturesque village and the development of the site in Norval. Please call 905-862-0808 to book a seat at this very special luncheon tea presentation.





“Mark” the date Wednesday, July 11 on the calendar as Maud’s Garden in Leaskdale will be gifted with  the presence of Mark Cullen, “garden communicator”. Aiming to help horticulturalists of all skill levels, Mark will be armed with some of his best-selling books for signing as $10.00 from each book sold will be donated to the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario. Special refreshments will be served with lunch. We hope to see you there! For more information, please see our Calendar of Events page.






“Ambition may not have been on the minds of Linda and Jack Hutton as they planned their honeymoon back in 1990, but when that 10-day trip for the newly wedded couple was over, the motivation to start something special was no longer limited to their lives as man and wife.  The now family-owned Bala museum honours author of Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maud Montgomery – in a lovingly restored 1920’s tourist home where the author spent two weeks in 1922.”

Come enjoy our first 5-course luncheon of the season and share in the history of Bala’s museum and the inspiration for the novel, The Blue Castle. Please visit our Calendar of Events page.




The Gardens of Uxbridge garden tour is fast approaching. The garden pre-tour attendees last Thursday shared their visual experiences and the most heard adjective of the luncheon was “spectacular!” Tickets are still available online for this Saturday, June 23 @ We hope to see you there!


I cannot remember the time when I was not writing, or when I did not mean to be an author image


~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

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