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The Anne and Maud Experience

The Leaskdale Manse National Historic Site was the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of “Anne of Green Gables”, from 1911 to 1926. Maud wrote 10 novels during her time here including 5 more “Anne” books. The site includes the home where she lived with her family as well as the church where her husband was the minister. The manse has been restored to a 1917 period, and we offer a beautiful tour and tea experience for guests. Children can be entertained during the tour with our brand new Cavendish cat, and ice cream making activities. Please phone for tickets.

Open by appointment only daily:  July, August 10:00am-4:00pm


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I cannot remember the time when I was not writing, or when I did not mean to be an author image


~ Lucy Maud Montgomery