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You Helped Us Burn the Mortgage!

Our “Burn the Mortgage” Campaign

By mid-October, 2011, the Burn the Mortgage campaign had raised enough funds to pay off the remaining loan on the church – over $77,000!  The cheque was passed to the Township and it was a thrilling moment when the match was actually touched to the mortgage document, and we watched as it went up in flames!  Watch it for yourself, below.

A “Burn the Mortgage Ceremony” was held during the October Centennial Celebration, and a plaque was unveiled in the church with the names of all donors inscribed on it. We would not have succeeded without these generous donors from both the Uxbridge and our LMM community!


Do you have time to help?  We are always looking for volunteers for our events, clean ups, and restoration.   Call Kathy Wasylenky at 905-852-5284




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