Lucy Maud Montgomery spent 9 years of her life in Norval together with her husband – the reverend at the local church – after her departure from Leaskdale. She was very active in Norval’s social life, taught at the Sunday School, and was a member of the Norval Choral Society and Norval Women’s Institute. She directed and appeared in plays at St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the parish hall.

While in Norval, she published: The Blue Castle, Emily’s Quest, Magic for Marigold, A Tangled Web, Pat of Silver Bush, Mistress Pat, and Courageous Women (by L.M. Montgomery with Marian Keith and M.B. McKinley)

On August 1, Kathy Gastle, a driving force to purchase the manse in the place where the Macdonald’s moved after Leaskdale, will share her insights on the Montgomery connection to this picturesque village and the development of the site in Norval. Please call 905-862-0808 to book a seat at this very special luncheon tea presentation.


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~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

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